list iconThe council works to eradicate practices which they deem unfair by funding movements that oppose the same. Here are some of the activities which the board is undertaking at present day:

Abolishing the death penalty

The members of the council are in opposition to the death penalty and as such, have dedicated efforts to its abolishment. As at now, the EU is the largest donor across the globe in the movement against the death penalty. It is also leading other institutions on the same.

The EU is of the position that the death penalty should get outlawed regardless of the circumstances, and this stand is in line with the human rights guidelines agreed upon by the council. Members agree that this system of punishment is not only inhumane and degrading to human life, but it is also unnecessary. Through all the years that the death penalty has been in place, there are no studies to show that this form of punishment is more effective than the others in place. Moreover, there is a high chance that an innocent person could end up dead through the miscarriage of justice. There are many cases where an innocent party got locked up and subjected to the death penalty only for the guilty party to turn up after the incident.

There are many ways in which the council has aided in the abolishment of this punishment. Firstly, the EU has engaged many countries on issues on human rights through the use of statements and dialogues in a bid to get them to join the abolition movement. Another way in which the council has worked towards abolition is by calling for temporary suspensions of executions and death sentences such that countries can look into the effectiveness of the method as they seek other forms of justice. The third manner is regarding countries where the death penalty is in use. In these states, the council comes in to offer advice as to who should be exempt from the punishment. As such, the mentally disabled persons, new mothers, minors as well as pregnant women escape the punishment. The EU has also worked towards ensuring that no trade can take place regarding goods used in capital punishment. Millions of Euros have gone into this fight over the last decade, thus providing that people get subjected to humane treatment.

Strengthening human rights

human rightsOver time, there has been pressure on human rights in Europe as well as in other regions, and there are many reasons behind this. For one, the war on terror has led to many competing interests which has put the lives of people at risk. There are also many different rights in play such that people are unaware of how to handle the various human rights. As such, the council has come up with ways in which it can strengthen the existing human rights to ensure that people across the globe get the protection that they deserve. One approach has been through the introduction of legal tools which accommodate the rights of the non-dominant groups as this reduces discrimination.

Non-discrimination and the fight against racism

lawsThe council pays a lot of attention to movements which advocate for non-discrimination concerning children, women, LGBTI, indigenous people, and other minority groups.


The council seeks to ensure that children not only get protection but that they also take part in development programs geared to help them reach their full potential and that people respect their rights.

Indigenous Peoples

The council abides by the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights, thus ensuring the indigenous people get the protection that they deserve.


There have been many attacks on LGBTI people, and the council seeks to ensure that they enjoy the same human rights as other individuals. It also advocates for non-discrimination on the same.


Over the years, minority groups have faced discrimination which has rendered them poor with less influence as compared to other groups. They have also had less access to solutions with which to confront their problems.

Persons living with disabilities

The EU has made a point to not only promote the rights of individuals in this group but also to ensure that they are economically stable.


The council works to see to it that girls and women enjoy the same rights as those of their male counterparts.

Through these initiatives, people will have equal chances at bettering their lives as they will enjoy dignity.

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